Nutrigo Lab Mass is an effective supplement that will effectively build muscle mass!

Many people using the gym make it a priority to effectively increase muscle mass. However, they are perfectly aware of the fact that in order to obtain the desired results, they must use an appropriate preparation that will support them in this. One of such preparations is Nutrigo Lab Mass, which is recommended for both bodybuilders and people who want to create muscle mass in an effective way. The product will guarantee lasting results, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy them for an extended period of time.
Nutrigo Lab Mass is an original and reliable specific that is characterized by a multi-level effect. Among other things, it supports the development of muscles and improves strength, replenishes glycogen stores, regenerates muscle damage resulting from exercise, and also contributes to a stronger absorption of active elements. The product has an extremely high-quality composition and, in addition to the protein content, has a complex of three types of carbohydrates. The product has a multi-level effect and provides an excellent structure of lean body mass, and also contributes to experiencing less fatigue and fatigue, which results in systematic bodybuilding and physical activity. The preparation makes the exercises not so extremely demanding and strenuous. However, after the end of intense exercise, strength and vitality are still slowly retained. Thanks to the regular intake of the product, you can expect to perform a more specific number of repetitions and exercises that were previously difficult, increase the synthesis of growth hormone, minimize catabolism, intensify the reduction of adipose tissue, maximize the anabolic potential, and additionally regulate the appropriate level of sugar in the blood.

The product was dedicated to people who care about their own image and figure on a daily basis. The product gives the opportunity to strengthen the muscle mass and improve the condition. The supplement comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The supplement is excellent in taste and allows you to support the results of exercise and sports activities. The preparation not only has a unique taste, but also supports the development of muscle mass in athletes and bodybuilders. Compared to other preparations, it is characterized by an original combination of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, creatine and MCT oil. In terms of effectiveness, quality is of paramount importance. In addition, it gives an opportunity to improve the quality of training, which is of considerable importance among many bodybuilders who want to keep their condition at an ideal level. The product provides the body with the necessary dose of essential elements and calories. The product has been supplemented with BCAAs, L-glutamine and creatine. Its use is extremely simple, because it is enough to pour 4 scoops of powder into 200ml of water or milk, mix the contents using a shaker and eat. It can be eaten after training or between meals. The preparation is very popular among consumers and specialists, who often recommend it.


Bodybuilders, athletes or people who exercise intensively in the gym are perfectly aware that in order to get the desired figure it is not enough to just use a diet and exercise regularly in the gym. To achieve success, you need one more factor, which is an active dietary supplement. To increase muscle mass, I often recommend Nutrigo Lab Mass to them! I claim that the preparation is extremely functional and can cause fantastic effects. Its basic assumptions include an effective and healthy structure of muscle mass, which is stable and long-lasting, adds strength and energy and improves the quality of training, supports the proper protein synthesis, improves hormonal activity, supports regeneration and repair of muscles after hard training and also minimizes feeling tired and weary. There are absolutely more advantages, I mentioned the most important ones in my opinion. The agent has a valuable and rich composition that is able to improve the quality of training, making it more efficient and helping to maintain the results of building muscle mass. At the same time, the formula is completely natural and does not cause any side effects. The supplement comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate, its preparation is particularly simple, because it is enough to pour 4 scoops into 200ml of water or milk and combine. We drink shak after exercise or between meals. Scientific research confirms the effect of using protein, creatine, AOL formula and L-glutamine on weight. I believe that the supplement is an excellent solution for active people who care about their figure and increase muscle mass. All conducted studies confirm the effectiveness of the product and its safe functioning. Therefore, it is worth using it, I can say that it will meet all your requirements in 100%!

Customers opinion:

I have been interested in bodybuilding for years and I am perfectly aware that without proper diet, training and supplementation, I would not have gone so far. My effects would not be adequate enough to compete. So I included Nutrigo Lab Mass in my diet, it is a product that has gained my trust and is doing great. I take it either after training or between meals, depending on the day. I am satisfied because the development of my mass is greater thanks to him. I recommend!

I have recently started going to the gym. My intention is to make a sculpture. I know very well that it is not so hassle-free and takes a lot of time and hard work, but I’m not going to give up. To boost the effects, I decided to use Nutrigo Lab Mass, which is a sensational supplement that provides my body with the necessary elements to achieve more positive results! At the same time, it gives me strength and makes my workouts more effective! I recommend!

In my opinion, Nutrigo Lab Mass has a healthy and rich formula that has a beneficial effect on the functioning of my body. Thanks to it, my muscle mass is increasing effectively, the quality of my training has improved and my muscles are easily regenerating after exhausting effort. In addition, it is completely natural and does not give any side effects. I am very proud of its functioning and I cannot imagine using any other preparation.

I was looking for a suitable product for a long time that would ensure the effective increase of my muscle mass. A friend recommended Nutrigo Lab Mass to me, which I have been taking for several weeks. Not only its taste is perfect, but above all its effectiveness, which is at a high level. The product is great, it effectively builds my muscle mass, improves hormonal activity and reduces the feeling of fatigue. So far I am satisfied and enthusiastically recommend it!


Protein – allows for optimal absorption of proteins, helps to regain the balance of strength after exercise and repairs muscle cells
Carbohydrates – quickly and effectively build lean muscle tissue, add strength and improve the formation of muscle mass
BCAA and L-glutamine amino acids – allow for effective transport of nutrients to muscle cells, have anti-catobolic and anabolic properties
Creatine – improves condition and restores vitality

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