Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is an original dietary supplement that will take care of proper muscle reconstruction after exhausting exercise.

Every person who spends many hours at the gym is well aware that after exhausting training, you should provide your muscles with proper regeneration. The renewal process is extremely important because it allows the body to catch a moment of breath and restore its strength and endurance for the next exercise. At the same time, recovery allows you to avoid side effects after sports training, such as pain in the muscles, joints, headaches, cramps or excessive fatigue. The faster the repair, the better, so it is worth taking the appropriate preparations that will be able to provide it. One of these pre-training sessions, which is distinguished by its incredible reputation and effectiveness, is Nutrigo Lab Regeneration.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a dietary supplement dedicated to athletes, bodybuilders or active people who want to build up their own muscle mass and physical fitness. The product is supported only on natural elements that are safe for the body and additionally efficient in interaction. Importantly, it does not bring any unwanted side effects. The functioning of the ingredients contained in the dietary supplement is to ensure the replenishment of the lost strength, faster recovery of the body’s fitness after intense exercise, support in preparation for the next exercise, and reduction of pain difficulties after training. The abundant composition of the product makes it strong for people who need to build muscle mass and consolidate the intensity of training.
Regular use of a dietary supplement makes it easier to replenish the necessary nutrients, which are lost during exercise. At the same time, it reduces fatigue, increases the synthesis of muscle proteins and allows for more appropriate preparation for subsequent training. It is recommended to use the preparation once a day, immediately after exercise. It is enough to dissolve 20g of a serving in 200ml of water and consume it. The product absorbs quickly and you can feel the results after 30 minutes. The specificity has been thoroughly researched and tested, so you can be sure that it is solid and effective! He enjoys a stronger and stronger reputation and success among bodybuilders, athletes and people who need to expand their own muscle mass. The product enjoys amazing reviews and is enthusiastically recommended.


There are many post-workout training on the market, but in my opinion the best one is Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. Every athlete, bodybuilder or active participant in the gym is well aware that after an intense effort you need to rebuild properly. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration has just been prepared for this. It was developed for all people who train all endurance and strength disciplines. Each dose contains 90% of the active elements that pass into the muscles and provide them with adequate reconstruction and strengthening after exercise. There is, among others, a protein that supports the renewal process and increases the rate of muscle tissue development, casein hydrolyzate, which provides more intensive regeneration and increases the level of endurance, or branched amino acids that reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase protein regeneration. I often recommend the preparation to people who are looking for reliable support after training. Thanks to it, the reconstruction will definitely speed up, the pain in muscles will be reduced and their expansion will be supported. The supplement is a guarantee of the best absorption, thanks to which it acts immediately and the body begins to renew itself immediately 30 minutes after completing the training. Taking it is also fabulously simple, because it is enough to dissolve one serving of 20g of the product with 200ml of water and drink it. It is enough to consume one dose a day after exercise. The preparation is also safe and has no side effects. I believe that it is worth introducing it to your daily diet and enjoying the results and more attractive results!

Customers opinion:

I used a lot of supplements after exercise to ensure a better regeneration. I must emphasize that only Nutrigo Lab Regeneration meets my expectations. The product has a perfectly prepared recipe, thanks to which my body obtains the optimal demand for the necessary elements for effective reconstruction. In addition, it does not generate any unwanted side effects and is gentle on my body. I recommend!

I believe that Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is efficiency and convenience in one, as well as an attractive price. I use the preparation regularly after each intense workout. I claim that my recovery is effective and immediate. I’m not that tired and my muscles don’t hurt, so I can function properly for the rest of the day. At the same time, I noticed that I am getting better sports results, which makes me even more happy! I am especially happy with my choice and I can say that this post-training program fulfills all the predictions!

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration allows me to recover stronger after a hard workout, and replenishes the lost energy, thanks to which I have a lot of strength. The effect stays on for a long time. In addition, the rich composition of the product allows for a stronger development of the muscle mass on which he is currently vigorously working. I’m excited! I recommend!

I have been training in the gym for years and I have tested a lot of post-training sessions during this period. Recently, I have been enthusiastically reaching for Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, which in my opinion is one of the best available on the market! He appreciates it for its original and healthy composition, accelerated and efficient regeneration, reducing pain inconvenience and reliable encouragement to the next training. I claim that it is remarkable and you can reach for it without any problems!


Whey protein hydrolyzate – Optipep® – its purpose is to quickly replenish the lack of building blocks of muscle tissue, increase insulin production and glycogen levels, accelerate regeneration and increase the dose of digestible carbohydrates, and intensify the building of muscle tissue
Casein hydrolyzate – PeptoPro® – repairs and regenerates muscles, and allows their more intensive development
Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) – L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine – reduce the level of tryptophan in the blood, thanks to which you feel less tired, improve physical condition and increase muscle tissue growth
L-glutamine – modifies the hydration of muscle cells and helps the body to retain a higher number of amino acids,
Citrulline malate 2: 1 – guarantees better blood supply to the muscles, because it strengthens blood vessels, improves the condition of the body, helps to achieve better results
L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG 2: 1) – stimulates a more positive blood supply to the muscles, regulates the regeneration of the body after training and supports the achievement of established training goals
Black pepper fruit extract [95% piperine] – the ingredient effectively removes adipose tissue and stabilizes metabolism
Vitamin B6 – has a beneficial effect on the body and increases its resistance

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